Answers to your Questions

Myth 1. I don’t need lube

Jump start the fun and lube up!  Replenish your natural moisture and create dessert like conditions down under.  Lube reduces friction, increases sensitivity, provides extra stimulation and helps achieve the results you want. Warming lubes can boost arousal by increasing blood flow and cool lubes are great for those hot summer nights!

Myth 2. All lube is the same

Actually not all lube is created equal! JO Premium is the signature silicone lubricant that started it all. It’s made from the highest quality silicone and manufactured with the greatest care.

JO Premium delivers supreme sensual comfort with a silky smooth glide like liquid velvet. This amazing lubricant is also waterproof, making it a perfect choice for skinny dipping or waterplay.

How do I stop lube leaving marks on sheets and clothing?

When your passions take hold, indulge them with JO H20 water-based lubricants. On your own, with your favourite toy, or with your partner, JO H20 water based lubricants are never sticky or tacky and are super easy to clean up.

Let JO H2o intensify your pleasure with a water-based lubricant that feels like silicone and rinses off with just warm water.

I really like flavours – do you have heaps?

Turn your partner into a delectable treat with JO H2O Flavoured lubricants. With over a dozen flavours like Strawberry Kiss, Tropical Passion and Chocolate Delight, JO H2O Flavoured lubricants are a playful way to tease your appetite for each other.

You can also mix ‘n match flavours to create your own unique romantic recipes, like Chocolate Mint or Peaches & Cream. Fancy a cocktail? Check out our suggestions of some dynamite recipes.

What about Organic?

Love as nature intended. JO Organic is a Certified Organic lubricant, made with 100% natural ingredients sourced from certified organic farms.

This water-based lubricant is glycerin free, paraban free and contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. JO Organic Personal lubricant is safe for all toys and makes a great intimate daily moisturiser.

I’m really sensitive – will System JO irritate?

Every woman has unique intimate needs. JO Agape was created to be the perfect sensual solution for woman with sensitivities. This moisturising lubricant offers all the benefits of a water-based lubricant in an extra gentle formula that’s glycerin free, silicone free and oil free. It’s PH balance is perfect for woman, to use alone or with a partner.

What do you suggest to help my guy last longer?

Do you want a longer, harder better experience? JO Prolonger Gel enhances performance and increases longevity using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients. The benzocaine-free gel is a gentle long-lasting desensitizer that makes a perfect choice for sensitive skin.

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