Orgasm Tips for Women

Here are some of the awesome orgasm tips and techniques.   Keep in mind, you might already be using some of these techniques, but at least now you have a name to go with it!

  1. ‘Edging’ is the technique in which you bring yourself close to an orgasm, then stop. In edging over and over ― bringing yourself close, then letting go ― you’re guaranteeing a bigger orgasm, because your body literally bursts with pleasure when it’s finally allowed to release.
  2. ‘Hinting’ is another form of teasing.  In hinting, the clit and the vaginal opening are given some attention, but not a lot, as stimulation is avoided until later on during masturbation or sex. Again, it leads to stronger orgasms.
  3. For those who like to stick to a plan and not rock the boat, the “consistency” technique, in which an orgasm is built by sticking to the same consistency. I imagine this is one that appeals to those who have vibrators and like to keep them on the same speed until climax is achieved.
  4. Another common technique is known as “rhythm.” Again, rhythm is a technique that can also be easily practiced by either using a vibrator that provides a rhythm option or it can also be done with your fingers, by looping the same motion over and over until there’s an orgasm.
  5. Of course the name gives this one away, but “multiples” is the practice of stimulating the clit and vagina in order to reach multiple orgasm.
  6. For “accenting,” women focus on a specific motion in how they reach an orgasm. Whether that motion is a tapping, circulation, or whatever feels good, 40 percent of women do this technique.
  7. In “framing,” women focus on how reaching an orgasm is something that has more to do with the brain than the body. Because, let’s be honest, we’re pretty creative and can conjure up some great scenarios in our brains.
  8. When a woman practices “staging” she adheres to the sensitivity changes in her body and adjusts them to reach an orgasm. If she needs less stimulation, she backs off; if she needs more, she’ll step it up. This is also a fairly common practice with 90 percent of women reportedly using this method to orgasm.
  9. True to its name, “orbiting” is all about circling the clit in all the ways that feels good, eventually leading to an orgasm. Sixty percent of women report this technique as the one they use most often.
  10. Signalling is when you give and read signals to improve pleasure and orgasm. Sure it’s not a physical technique, but women enjoy it. Signalling to your partner what you like is most likely to improve pleasure for women and for partners, how to properly read those signals (and act on it, naturally).

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