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JO Prostate Formula


JO Prostate Formula is a daily use supplement specially formulated for men over 40, but perfect for men of any age that wish to be proactive and health focused.  Includes vitamins and nutrients, antioxidants and a potent anti-inflammatory blend.   Just 1 capsule a day is all it takes to start your health routine.

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JO Prostate Formula is designed using a wide range of antioxidants to assist in the fight against free radicals.  It also offers an anti-flammatory blend that may assist prostatitis which is a common inflammation of the prostate that happens as men age.

Key ingredients:  

Saw Palmetto – used to improve male reproductive health.  In Europe, it is considered a standard treatment for prostatic hypertrophy (enlarged prostate).  It also improves urine flow, promotes relation and increases sex drive.

Lycopene – is a powerful antioxidant that offers benefits to directly affect prostate health and maintain healthy cells.

Ginger – is a natural source of potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that reduce prostate inflammation and discomfort.


Prostate Formula


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